Optimal Digestion & Whole Self Nourishment: An Interactive Workshop

In this workshop, learn how to nourish the gut and your whole self, not only physically, but on every level of health.  

This is your opportunity to listen and learn; reflect, journal and participate in self reflection exercises; and get hands on as we create our own probiotic food to support digestion!

Saturday, April 28th  ||  10:30- 12:30 am

"Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." ~Buddha

Angel Card Reading Workshop

Learn all about Angel Cards, and how to perform readings for yourself and others.  Receive your own deck of Angel Cards to learn with and take home with you!

March 25th in Nanaimo, BC
April 10th in Regina, SK

Introducing: Soulful Gatherings

Looking for new ideas for girls night out, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, or work team building? These soulful gatherings will provide you & your group with a very special experience to deepen your connection and leave you feeling relaxed and at peace!

Join the Community


Bacon, Beef & Mushroom “Pasta”

Continuing with our spaghetti squash theme this week… Here is my new favourite “pasta” dish… This dish uses spaghetti squash noodles as the base, making it AIP friendly! The pasta sauce is created with bone broth and mushrooms, creating a sauce that is not only delicious but also gut healing! Bone broth is truly a miracle … Read more


Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein

Hi loves!  Here’s a healthy upgrade on Chow Mein, a Chinese-style dish of fried noodles with shredded meat and veg.  This dish uses spaghetti squash as “noodles,” and is loaded with nutrient dense veggies and healthy fats.  I used organic tofu for the protein here, but you could use chicken, pork or any other protein … Read more


Dairy-Free Taco Sauce

Need some inspo for Taco Tuesday?? This spread features: -corn tortillas -fresh greens & tomato -“refried beans” (black beans mashed with ghee & garlic) -fried cabbage & bell peppers (using avo oil 🥑) -cooked spiced sole -dairy-free coconut lime sauce (recipe below) What do you like to load your tacos with? Print Dairy-Free Taco Sauce … Read more

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