Upcoming Events

Partners in Health: An accountability & support group

Ready to make health promoting changes in your life?  Looking for a group of like-minded, open-hearted people to support you through those changes?  

This group is for you if…

  • You’re seeking the tools to make sustainable changes to your health and to stick to your new habits.
  • You struggle with personal accountability when setting goals and changing habits, and rely on outer accountability as motivation.  (It’s not a fault- it’s simply a tendency- Let’s work together to make this tendency work for you!)
  • You have difficulty self-motivating.  Or you feel highly motivated to change one day and not the next.
  • You feel like you are constantly setting goals only to give up on them a couple weeks (or days) later.
  • You want to learn more about health and nutrition!

*Whether your goal is to avoid food sensitivities, to exercise more, to stick to a therapeutic diet (AIP, hypoallergenic, keto, etc.), to dedicate more time to self care, or to lose weight and feel better in your body- Partners in Health group is here to support you!  The entire group will not have one set diet or health regime- because everybody and every BODY is different, and our mutual goal is to feel our best by listening to what our own bodies need!

Every week we will:

  • Have open discussion (share our goals, check in on how everyone is doing, discuss any obstacles we have encountered, brainstorm ideas to help each other overcome challenges, etc.)
  • Learn something new.  Kaylee will present a workshop on a new topic each week.  Health and nutrition topics will be focused on the group’s specific wants and needs!
  • Receive recipe ideas and inspiration.
  • Enjoy healthy snacks together.
  • Support each other to reach our goals!

A 5 week journey, from October 10th to November 7th
Tuesday evenings  |  7:00- 9:00 pm
Cathedral Centre for Wellness, 2146 Robinson Street, Regina 
Investment: $150.00 | Limited space available, registration is required.  
To register, contact Kaylee: hello@healthstartstoday.com / (306) 596-1296


Join us for Awaken Within *Mini* Wellness Retreat

Open the heart, heal the body.  A soulful journey to self love and personal healing.

Retreat for the day with Kaylee Woolhether (CNP, Reiki Practitioner), Jade Kozowy (RMT, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Instructor), and Samantha Wilkie (IAYT, RYT, Reiki Master).

Awaken Within will provide you with the guidance and tools you need to achieve personal health and happiness. Your retreat will include:

  • Meditation and mindfulness practices with meditation instructor Jade Kozowy.  Learn how to meditate, or deepen your meditation practice.  Enjoy the energy of group meditation, while learning meditation skills to take home with you.
  • Yoga classes and direct teaching from yoga therapist Sam Wilkie.  Never tried yoga?  No problem, all our classes are 100% beginner friendly!  Want to deepen your yoga practice?  This is a safe place to advance and explore the art of yoga.
  • Nutrition Workshops with Certified Nutritional Practitioner Kaylee Woolhether.  We will focus on healing your relationship with food and your body, discovering health promoting foods, as well as developing self love and healthy body image.
  • Holistic food & cooking demos. Experience how simple nutritious cooking can be!
  • Massage and Reiki (energy healing). You will leave this retreat with relaxed body and mind, and elevated energy!
  • Learn self care practices you can utilize in your daily life.
  • Fun and creative activities to ignite your inner child and true creative side!

Awaken Within is your space to find answers and support, as we take this journey to ultimate health and happiness together.

Sunday, November 5
Wilkie Wellness, 2614 6th Ave, Regina 
Investment: $160.00.  Includes snacks and a full meal.
To register email: awakenwithin2017@gmail.com or contact Kaylee here.