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Holistic Coaching Program || This May in Regina!

The universal energy is calling for us to step up and step into our power!  Whatever your goals are, we’re coming together this May to lift you up and give you the tools you need to accomplish these goals.  Get ready to live the life you know you deserve to be living!


If you’ve been feeling out of alignment with:

  • who you are
  • your job, career, life purpose
  • your physical health –> dieting and weight loss; exercise and movement; specific health concerns
  • your mental & emotional health
  • finances (sick of living paycheck to paycheck?)
  • your spiritual connection…

To provide everyone with as much support as possible, I’m only opening this program up to 5 people.

More details here!

Contact Kaylee to join: (306) 596-1296 / hello@healthstartstoday.com


Optimal Digestion & Whole Self Nourishment: An Interactive Workshop
With Holistic Nutritionist Kaylee Woolhether  ||  At the Balgonie Natural Health & Healing Expo

Our gut, also known as our “second brain,” is the basis of our health.  Our gut health affects nearly everything- including proper digestion, maintaining a healthy weight, heart health, our immune system, and mental health (especially anxiety/depression).   Not only that, the abdomen has been described as “the seat of the soul.”  We sense the physical presence of our life force by sensing our belly.

In this workshop, learn how to nourish the gut and your whole self, not only physically, but on every level of health.  This is your opportunity to listen and learn; reflect, journal and participate in self reflection exercises; and get hands on as we create our own probiotic food to support digestion!

We will discuss:

  • Why this workshop isn’t about telling you what to eat but about learning to come back home to yourself, and discover what your body truly needs.
  • How to heal the digestive system & promote optimal digestion (for optimal health)!
  • What is the microbiome & how to bring it into balance.
  • “Hypernourishment” – nourishing the self mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, so our physical body will fall back into balance, cravings will fade away, and our mental health will be revitalized.
  • The fundamentals of intuitive eating; what eating looks like when it is relaxed, nourishing, and life sustaining.

Learn how to create your own sauerkraut, and take your ‘kraut home with you!

Saturday, April 28th  ||  10:30- 12:30 am
Balgonie Multiplex, Balgonie, SK
Advance tickets: $20 (or $65 for all 4 workshops @ the Expo)
Tickets at the door: $20 each
***Workshop tickets include free admission to the Expo!

For tickets & more information on workshops, email:
Char (freedomtobelieve@sasktel.net) or,
Kaylee (hello@healthstartstoday.com)

We look forward to seeing you at the Expo!








Mother’s Day Yoga & Brunch

Saturday, May 12 | 12- 2:30 pm
Wilkie Wellness, 2614 6th Ave, Regina

Bring your mom, best friend, daughter or son for an afternoon of bliss!

Experience a soul soothing spa yoga class which will incorpate restorative movement and healing massage from Samantha Wilkie and Jade Kozowy.  Next, enjoy an amazing brunch at a communal table with the other participants provided by Kaylee Woolhether of Health Starts Today.

Ticket Price:
$65.00 + gst, per person

Spa Yoga
Special gift

* you do not need to be a mom to attend this event, treat yourself because you deserve it!

Register with payment sent via e transfer to wilkiewellness@gmail.com








Healing Circle: Meditation for Digestion

Join us for a community healing circle, as we learn how to nourish the gut and the whole self, not only physically, but on every level of health.  This is your space space to listen and learn, reflect, connect, come back home to yourself, and discover what your body truly needs.

Your healing circle includes…

  • *Teachings on:
    • The gut-brain connection; how the gut influences our emotional state, and why healthy digestion isn’t just about what we eat.
    • Healing the digestive system & promoting optimal digestion- for optimal health!
    • What is the microbiome & how to bring it into balance.
    • Moving beyond the physical- nourishing the self mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
    • What is meditation and how it can help heal digestive disturbances.
    • “How to” meditate, and the simplest ways to incorporate this practice into your life.
  • Experience a guided meditation for stress relief and digestive support.
  • This is your space to share and connect with members of your community!

Come learn & relax… Join us as we come together to rediscover the knowledge and healing power of the gut!

Saturday, May 26  | 3:00 – 5:00 pm
OPEX Fitness | 2754 Montague Street, Regina
Energy exchange: $38
Space is limited, pre-registration required  | Contact Kaylee






Angel Card Reading Workshop

Curious about tarot and oracle cards?  Whether you have your own set of cards or have never used a deck before, everyone is welcome to learn more about Angel Cards!

What are Angel Cards?
Angel Cards are based on the more commonly recognized tarot cards, which hold a divinatory purpose and have been used for over 600 years.  Angel Cards are intended to bring the reading recipient messages, insight and knowledge to guide them along their life path! The cards are very gentle and supportive, they encourage you to follow your heart and dreams.  Angel Cards are not a religion or belief system. Angel Card Readings are completely non-denominational and are open to people of any or no belief system!

Angel Cards can help you:

  • receive messages, insight, and guidance to assist you along your life path
  • develop intuition
  • gain clarity and find the truth of a situation
  • make decisions
  • find peace; relieve anxiety, worry, and fear
  • connect with a higher power
  • empower yourself and improve your life!  Readings reflect the situation based upon your current thoughts, patterns, and behaviors.  If you see something you don’t like in a reading, you have the power to change it by changing your thoughts and actions… That’s the whole point!

Learn all about Angel Cards, and how to perform readings for yourself and others.  *Receive your own deck of Angel Cards to learn with and take home with you!*

Monday, May 28
7:00- 9:00 pm
Intu-it Arts Associates, Suite 418- 310 Main Street, Moose Jaw
Energy exchange: $65
Limited space available | Register with Kaylee to reserve your space today!







Awaken to Spring: Women’s Wellness Retreat

June 2 & 3rd, 2018
Shekinah Retreat Centre (45 minute N of Saskatoon)

After a long winter, the divine feminine is calling for us to Awaken, Blossom & BLOOM!  Reveal & rediscover your natural self, your female intuition, your TRUTH. This wellness weekend will move you through deep, personal exploration to create a healthier, more loving relationship with your body, mind, and self.

Join us for a Spring Awakening!

Throughout the weekend…

  • Come home to your body
    • mindful movement practices
    • therapeutic yoga (beginner friendly)
  • Blossom your intuition
    • guided meditations
    • teachings on increasing intuition through nutrition
  • Unlock your sensual feminine energy
    • teachings on tantra
    • dance movement flow
  • Reconnect with nature
    • guided nature hikes
    • earthing practices
    • cozy overnight cabin accommodations
  • Ignite your adventurous side
    • zipline adventure tour
  • Nourish the self
    • ceremonial food preparation
    • conscious mealtimes
    • menu is gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and refined sugar free
  • Branch out & connect
    • find support as you move through your healing journey
    • share space with women in your community
    • connect through sacred ritual

Elevate your vibration, enter your heart, ground into your body, and find your bliss… Step into Spring with us!


* Your facilitators *

<> Samantha Wilkie (IAYT, RYT, Reiki Master) <>
Sam is a yoga therapist and co-owner of Wilkie Wellness, who is passionate about sharing the importance of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. For Sam, yoga is a state of being.  Her mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space where her students can explore the art of yoga and develop themselves along their own personal journey. Sam is also passionate about sharing the healing energies of reiki, ceremony, and women’s circles with the world.
Learn more: http://www.wilkiewellness.com

<> Jade Kozowy (RMT, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Instructor) <>
Jade has been passionate about helping others and the healing arts for as long as she can remember.  Jade is a massage therapist and reiki practitioner who provides gentle energy treatments that helps balance the mind/body/soul and the chakra energy system.  Jade has expanded her studies into the art of meditation and skillfully shares this practice in a safe and eased environment. Jade is a strong believer that anyone can be healed and that the power lies within you!
Learn more: http://www.allaymassageregina.com/untitled-c10qv

<> Kaylee Woolhether (CNP, Reiki Practitioner) <>
Kaylee is a holistic nutritionist who is very passionate about whole foods and holistic health.  Her own journey with food and health has created a passion for helping others heal their relationships with food and their bodies.  Her work with clients focuses on gaining insight into which types of foods work best for their body, as well as a strong focus on developing self love and healthy body image.  As a reiki practitioner, Kaylee strongly believes in a holistic approach to healing- treating the mind, body, and spirit to heal the whole self.


* Details *

Awaken to Spring: Women’s Wellness Retreat
Shekinah Retreat Centre (45 minute N of Saskatoon)
Friday, June 2, at 11:00 am until Sunday June 3, at 4:00 pm
Energy exchange:  Early bird pricing: $390 (until April 30th).  Regular price: $415.


  • All teachings & practices with Sam, Jade, and Kaylee.
  • Meals & Snacks.  Saturday will include lunch, dinner, and two snacks; Sunday will include breakfast, lunch, and two snacks.
  • Menu is gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, refined sugar free, and created with love. <3
  • Overnight accomodations:
  • Cozy cabin accommodations Saturday through Sunday.  Cabins are a shared bunking space.

Register: DM Awaken Within Wellness Retreats, or Sam, Kaylee, or Jade on facebook, OR email us: awakenwithin2017@gmail.com.  Limited spaces available.  Reserve your spot today!


* Kindness Pass *

Dear friends, we are offering one *Kindness Pass* for Awaken to Spring: Women’s Wellness Retreat.

If you were hoping to attend the retreat, but due to challenging life circumstances are unable to afford it, please reach out to us.  Please consider whether this application is right for you, as spaces are limited at this retreat, we are only able to offer one Kindness Pass to someone facing more difficult circumstances.

If you would like to apply for the Kindness Pass, please answer each question below and submit your story to awakenwithin2017@gmail.com.  Note, if you have applied for a kindness pass for our last retreat, you are welcome to apply again!

  1. First & last name.
  2. Age.
  3. Email address.
  4. Why do you wish to attend Awaken to Spring: Women’s Wellness Retreat?
  5. What positive impact will you achieve by attending?
  6. Explain, in a short and concise way, why you are applying for the kindness pass.  Please let us know why you cannot afford a pass and/or your current circumstances.
  7. What is one thing you are most excited about in your life right now?

We thank you for your time and interest! Kindness Pass application deadline is Tuesday, May 15 .  One Kindness Pass will be gifted by Friday, May 18th.  We will respond to everyone who has applied. All passes are sponsored by retreat facilitators, Jade, Sam, and Kaylee.

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