Thoughts on Creativity (+ Fresh Salad Recipe w/ Brazil Nut Parm & Raspberry Vinaigrette)

Creativity has been on my mind a lot lately.  Today, working from home, I told myself I would take a quick lunch break to warm up some soup, then get back to my computer.  Yet, when I opened my fridge and saw the beautiful stock of veggies I had just received from local farm, Heliotrope Organics, … Read more

Green Game Day Salsa! (Tomatillo Salsa)

Roughrider fans- this salsa is for you! Here in Rider Country, green is always in fashion.  Especially on game day. Regardless of which team you cheer for, I know you’ll enjoy this Green Game Day Salsa AKA Tomatillo Salsa. Tomatillos may look like an unripe (green) tomato, but they are are actually not tomatoes at all, … Read more

Purple Power Salad

Perhaps this should be called a “red” salad with the red beets and cabbage, but once the dressing is mixed in and the salad is tossed, the beets stain everything to give this salad a purple glow.  So Purple Power Salad it is! This salad was really well received in my house.  If you aren’t … Read more

Hemp & Beet Smoothie Bowl

More smoothie bowl fun!  If you missed it, check out this post with all the tricks to creating the perfect smoothie bowl. This recipe uses beets and their their greens to create a beautiful pink color (plus they give our bodies a detox boost as beets are a known blood cleanser).  So many benefits of beets!  I … Read more

Summer Salsa Series: Fennel Summer Salad with Mango Salsa Dressing

It’s official- summer is here.  And like most Canadians, we’re going to take advantage of the warm weather while we can!  For me, summer foods are fresh salads, green juice, raw fruit platters, and of course, amazing salsa! Who doesn’t love salsa?  It’s a go-to dip for bringing to parties, or for enjoying on your … Read more

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Get ready to have your mind blown.  If you are a chocolate lover, you will go crazy for this chocolate avocado pudding by Laura Miller (from Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.).  I know what you’re thinking… Avocado?  With chocolate?   Just trust me. Creamy avocado creates the perfect pudding texture, minus the dairy.  Cacao powder completely masks … Read more

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